No.Type of CrisisExamplesAttributes
1Technological crisisdata growth & related consequences, jet engine failure, power outage, grid backout, cyber espionage, etc.Caused directly by technology or malfunction or uncontrolled technology use.
2Financial/business crisisThe great depression (1920/30), Financial crisis of 2007/2008, Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns, Enron. Etc.Direct impact on finance and business. Generally, no risk to human lives.
3Natural crisistsunami, volcano, earthquake, flooding, draught, epidemic, hurricanes, storms, etc.Beyond human control and catastrophic. Caused by natural forces and affects human lives.
4Men-made crisisforest fire, wars, riots, pollution, global warming, Corruption, sanitation/hygiene, etc.Could have been avoided and entirely set by human actions