Crisis Identification, Analysis and Mitigation (CIAM)

The world faces multiple acute challenges and we feel that aggressive actions are required before these major issues turn into crisis.

Crisis is defined as period or state of intense difficulty, pain, trouble, or danger that can cause catastrophic financial, personal, or societal damage – at times irreversible. Axcellent solutions was formed in 2006 with a with unique mission to address and mitigate the issues to both for-profit, non-profit, and government agencies around the world through its technological or executive management expertise. The company objective is simple: identify the issue and manage it collaboratively before it becomes an unmanageable crisis. The consulting team is comprised of very active management & technology specialist with years of successful hands-on experience. We currently serve the following crisis-prone areas:

No.Type of CrisisExamplesAttributes
1Technological crisisdata growth & related consequences, jet engine failure, power outage, grid backout, cyber espionage, etc.Caused directly by technology or malfunction or uncontrolled technology use.
2Financial/business crisisThe great depression (1920/30), Financial crisis of 2007/2008, Lehman Brothers, Bear Sterns, Enron. Etc.Direct impact on finance and business. Generally, no risk to human lives.
3Natural crisistsunami, volcano, earthquake, flooding, draught, epidemic, hurricanes, storms, etc.Beyond human control and catastrophic. Caused by natural forces and affects human lives.
4Men-made crisisforest fire, wars, riots, pollution, global warming, Corruption, sanitation/hygiene, etc.Could have been avoided and entirely set by human actions

Technology consulting

This is our core technology niche where we resolve
the client’s issues through combination of
our technical products and services.
This includes data growth management practice.

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Executive consulting

Progress Business Thinking

  • Executive consulting includes management services to guide our clients in selection & continued application of technology to resolve the crisis.
  • This area includes Potable water management, and Air quality improvements.
  • We are working with industry partners for additional crisis areas.

Axcellent Solutions

Our unique three-step delivery model handles the situation proactively or reactively.
The model applies to all three realms of CIAM components currently served.

Step - 1

Identify the issue and set an objective. Estimate the size of the issue during its infancy (before it becomes a crisis). For example, study population forecast model/trends, per capita consumption, commercial/agriculture trends, demographic patterns, geo-political trends, and estimate the amount of potable water required in the region for next 30 years.

Step - 2

Evaluate various alternatives on weighted scale - including current state. For example, check existing water collection strategy, average aquafer level, consumption trend, regional economic growth projection, water purity standards, average annual rainfall, impact of global warming, cost, (one-time and ongoing), maintenance efforts, etc. and short list them. Scope the project with its project cost and identify financial partners.

Step - 3

Find a suitable Implementation partner, implement and monitor the goals. For example, publish the bid and decide the most suitable vendor for the implementation of potable water system in the area. Finalize the implementation plan/timeline and monitor the progress regularly throughout the implementation and post-implementation timeframe. Repeat the model to other areas with necessary adjustments.

Our Cases

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