Strategic Migration Toolkit

Strategic Migration Toolkit (SMT) is a specialized in-house developed SAP Add-on that facilitates selective migration of archived (ADK) data & document for three business scenarios. As more and more organizations embrace digital transformation and SAP products globally, they face the challenge of selective carve out of archived data/documents in the following three scenarios:

Data Migration

Selective archived data migration during Mergers & Acquisitions

As the world emerges from the historic pandemic in 2021, there will be a huge M&A activity fueled by relatively low interest rates, tempting valuations, and record level of corporate cash. While there are tools available that carve out SAP table data based on business criteria, SMT will enable the similar carve out of archived data in highly flexible manner. The carved-out data will be migrated to new system and made available for future reporting.

Data Deletion

Selective data deletion in response to regulatory compliance

There are over 10 global regulations that require selectively at-will deletion of customer/vendor/business partner data. The task becomes complicated on SAP historical archived data. Thus, we have extended the capabilities of SMT tool to enable manual deletion of personal archived data based on flexible criteria. The selected data can be safely deleted without impacting the access of retained data for continued reporting – to ensure continued compliance.

Document Migration

Selective document migration during Mergers & Acquisitions

Similar to data, documents would also require selective identification and migration during M&A. Documents have limited index available to establish the clear ownership. To bridge the gap, SMT tool is enhanced to build up to three levels of relationships to identify the document for its candidacy of migration. The tool can migrate archived documents from any archivelink certified third-party solutions.

Here are features of the product:

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