Crisis Severity Index (CSI)

Crisis Severity Index (CSI) is our in-house developed matured toolkit to carry out 360 analysis of situation.

The holistic evaluation of influencing parameters enables us to generate a detailed report with a summarized finding. It not only provides insights on financial impact but also sheds light on environment, social, human, and intangible areas – where applicable. Based on our internal analysis, research, Q/A, and questionnaire feedback, the tool evaluates various important aspects and provides a impact index on scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest.

Here are the core five impact zones:

  • Human – direct impact to human lives or human health
  • Social – impact on social functioning of the inhabitants
  • Economic/financial – financial impact
  • Environment – impact to environment
  • Intangible zone - Impact to reputation, political dynamics, competitive loss in marketplace, mobility/transportation, mental stress, etc.

As a part of step 1 of our service model, Crisis Severity index is used to ascertain the intensity of the crisis on five major zones. Subsequently, it is often used in analysis of alternative (AoA) to identify the most appropriate solution. We often build a panel of experts and seek their objective opinion. During the process, other important aspects are also explored such as financing model, timeline, and firm objectives or standards.

The balanced combination of our strong services standards, industry experience, and presence of matured tools help us craft a right solution against the Crisis. As indicated earlier, our solutions are always convoluted against Crisis Resolution that assures continued success and mitigation of the risks.

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