We have 24 years experience in consulting

Our strong conviction is that 21st century solutions and services should be built around issues and crisis in order to be effective than the current approach

As the name suggest, our goal is to go an extra mile that is not necessarily in the interest of few company executives, but also work harder in the betterment of the society and the world. With that mission, we have formed the company and services to improve the life of everyone involved – whether an executive in New York, a trader in Beijing, a farmer in Ethiopia, or a cab driver in New Delhi. We excel in both technology and management consulting based on our unique crisis-centric concept. We have evolved and deliver our services around Crisis -whether it is due to fast/big data, potable water crisis or air quality issue. Crisis Identification, Analysis, and Mitigation (CIAM) is a novel concept that blends a careful combination of technology, and executive consulting – which assures win-win scenario for everyone.

Long-term vision:

Human brain has evolved since the beginning of the time and our cognitive strength has helped the humankind to reach the peaks that were considered unimaginable few years ago such as, landing to moon, invention of vaccines, radio/television/mobile device, to name a few. As a continuing journey, our vision is to expand the reach of the human brain to fight the crisis. We are offering services in three crisis areas and working to extend our portfolio of service to includes additional crisis areas that continues to challenge our growth, ecosystem, and wellbeing. We are blessed by the hard work of Scientists and Inventors who brought us to this date and now we have obligation to augment the speed of innovation for our future generation.

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Axcellent Mission

To provide excellent services regardless of the size or nature of the engagement. We adhere to three main pillars:

  • Integrity: we feel that everyone should deserve high respect and responsibility of our actions.
  • Transparency: All our consultants are instructed for transparent actions and high ethics standards.
  • Employee-centric: we believe that if we treat employees well, they will in turn customers well and make an enjoyable work environment for everyone.

Consult us to access your potential exposure to Crisis, analyze, and mitigate the Crisis before it strikes.

Articulated, Precise, and Objective solutions specifically crafted for your situation

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