Data growth management

The world is witnessing an astronomical growth of data. According to a recent study about ever-growing datasphere, it calls the collective world’s data doubling every 18 months. The study predicts that the collective sum of the world’s data will grow from 33 zettabytes this year to a 175ZB by 2025, for a compounded annual growth rate of 61 percent. The results of unmanageable data growth can lead to continued investment on network infrastructure with high user frustration and multi fold risk of data breach. The estimated data breach was totaled at 7.9 billion (US) in just last year 2019. If the data continues to pile up as forecasted, we are exposed to a crisis of financial and legal issues due to data breaches and ransomwares.

We are also noticing shift of dominance of business data as a top dataset contributor to other contributors such as, human genome research and AI.


We have developed a distilled combination of experience, technology, and expertise to selectively archive or purge data/document, or application. Here is our portfolio of services:

    • Traditional data & document archiving including BW/Nearline solutions, etc.
    • We have one of most in-depth experience of implementation of traditional archiving of data across ERP and peripheral plate forms (BW/NLS, CRM, etc.) on all major business sectors such as, media, government, manufacturing, food & beverages, utilities, retail, services, pharmaceuticals, technology/electronics, insurance and others. We have a well-established set of methodologies, templates, and test tools for quick & safe implementation of your data reduction requirements.
    • Legacy system retirement:
    • We have been engaged in the past to evaluate and retire multiple legacy systems of 80’s and 90’s era. Our in-depth experience on technical topics such as, data formats, types, sensitivity, and other factors assists us to scope the right spectrum of data to be migrated or disposed off. We also work with certified retention managers and legal counsel for proper interpretation and application of corporate retention policy on legacy data. We have established a solid methodology for a turn-key project implementation and a balanced approach between cost, and continued reporting requirement of legacy data.
    • Assurance of continued regulatory compliance (DaRT and similar)
    • While we specialize on legacy system retirement, records archiving, and overall Information lifecycle management areas, we are equally focused on ensuring continued compliance with regulatory requirements. We have implementation SAP tool DaRT on multiple occasions in last 10 years and supported audits. We have also used DaRT for system retirement as well – a very cost effective and faster alternative. We can train your tax or audit teams to use DaRT and suffice future auditing requirements.
    • Deletion of expired data records (Information Lifecycle Management)
    • We specialize in SAP ILM for deletion of SAP data whether it is in response to regulatory pressure (GDPR, CCPA), internal compliance or HANA upgrade. Our deep understanding of multiple SAP releases’ data storages along with regulatory and upgrade requirement not only reduces the risk of records deletion but it also smoothens the implementation process. Additionally, we have built solution extension products such as ADT (Application-independent Deletion Toolkit) to delete eligible data across entire IT landscape – not limited to one software.