Air quality improvement

The immense industrial and commercial growth along with huge population growth in last three has negatively impacted the quality of air – particularly in developing countries. Earth’s atmosphere has a mass of about 5.15×1018 kg which is mainly comprised of Nitrogen (78%) and Oxygen (20.9%). This balance is impacted through various activities such as, transportation emissions, industrial/commercial activities, agricultural waste, dust, pollen, natural disasters, mold spores/suspended particles and presence of ground ozone levels. AQI, as below, is measured to show the overall air quality across the globe – where available.

(snapshot as off 1/10/2020 and subject to change)


While a lot of resources are dedicated to combat the issue, we have yet to see a noticeable turn around for the improvement of global air quality. We feel that local officials/teams need additional reinforcement to fight the crisis. Our two-prong approach assist local authorities (government/semi government or private) as below: